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Jones energy Solutions is committed to helping Builders and Homeowners meet energy code compliance for their projects. If you have completed or are in the process of completing new construction projects and residential additions, then we will assist you with the compliance process and perform all applicable HERS testing specific to your project's requirements.
HERS I - New Construction 2019 Compliance Testing & Verifications
Building Envelope Leakage (Blower Door Test)

The purpose of this test procedure is to measure the air leakage rate through a building enclosure. When a credit for reduced building infiltration  is claimed, the HERS Rater shall measure the building air leakage rate and verify that it is less than or equal to the specified target value.
The Most Common HERS Testing & Verification for New Construction buildings:
Duct Leakage (Duct System Testing)

Duct leakage testing quantifies air leakage by measuring air leakage out of a duct system with all of its intentional openings (supply registers and return grilles) sealed. When new HVAC systems have been installed, duct leakage testing is mandatory. The HERS Rater shall measure the duct system air leakage rate and verify that it is less than or equal to (≤ 6% ) based upon nominal system airflow.
Fan Efficacy Testing 

The fan watt draw is measured with the system running in order to calculate fan efficacy. A HERS rater is required to measure the air-handler fan watt draw and verify the blower fan's efficiency based upon measured system airflow. This is another mandatory measure for HERS compliance testing. This testing indicates how effectively the fan motor is operating as demonstrated by measuring how many watts of power are required to move system airflow.   
Whole Building Ventilation (Indoor Air Quality)

Whole-building mechanical ventilation system must be installed and HERS verified. The most common ventilation systems are local exhaust kitchen and bathroom fans vented to the outdoors. Ventilation equipment must meet specific fresh air source, noise, and airflow requirements. The goal of California's ventilation standards is to eliminate the source of pollutants, exhaust pollutants at the source, and dilute pollutants by adding fresh air (whole-house ventilation). 
HVAC System Airflow Testing

The HERS rater must verify and measure the total airflow rate in a newly installed HVAC system. The system airflow rate must meet newly constructed system standards at 350 cfm/ton. This testing ensures that the proper airflow is returning into the HVAC system and delivering the appropriate amount of heating and cooling for the building. This is also a mandatory measure for HERS compliance testing. 
Refrigerant Charge Testing

For HVAC systems that have air conditioning or heat pumps installed, it is required that a HERS rater conduct a refrigerant charge verification and testing. Refrigerant charge refers to the actual amount of refrigerant present in the system. Excessive refrigerant charge, or overcharge, reduces system efficiency and can lead to premature compressor failure. Insufficient refrigerant charge, or undercharge, also reduces system efficiency and can cause compressors to overheat. Verifying correct refrigerant charge can significantly improve the performance of air conditioning equipment.  

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Should you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please contact us 24 hours before your project’s scheduled date at:

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Any appointments that are cancelled without prior notification or cancelled on the day of testing are subject to a $100 cancellation fee. These terms are not applicable to appointments made less than 24 hours for urgent projects. 

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