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HERS Rating Policies
At Jones Energy Solutions, our HERS Raters take pride in giving quality HERS Ratings to each of our clients. Our goal is to see that your project meets compliance. Please take note of our policies regarding our HERS Ratings. Thank you, and we appreciate your business.
Cancellation Policy
All clients receive a confirmation e-mail for their HERS Rating appointment. If you have to cancel, please notify us 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Any appointments cancelled the day of the HERS testing will be subjected to a $100 cancellation fee, which will be collected on-site by check or cash. This does not apply to emergency HERS Ratings scheduled under 24 hours.
Payment Policy
Payment is due upon completion of the HERS rating test and site verification, whether the HERS testing passes or fails. Receipts are issued via e-mail after the HERS rating appointment and all documentation with CalCERTS are complete. We accept checks made out to Jones Energy Solutions.
HERS Rating Failure Policy
Projects will not always meet energy code compliance. When a HERS Testing failure occurs, we will report this failure to the contractor, homeowner, or designated responsible party. With our special HERS Rating Packages, we allow time for any corrections that need to be made within the time blocked for your scheduled HERS testing. We do not charge for this wait time. As third party inspectors, we do not fix, alter, or enhance any project that passes or fails HERS testing. When failures occur in testing, payment is still required. Payment is not contingent upon passing or failing results, but upon completion of the HERS rating and site verification work. 
​When a failure occurs during the HERS testing, we give the contractor, homeowner, or designated party the opportunity to re-test on-site, after corrections have been made within the allotted time frame given. This re-test must be done on the same day of your scheduled HERS rating with no extra charge, if you choose the package deal. If your project needs a re-test on a different date, then the cost for the re-test will be half the amount of your initial HERS rating price. Payment is due upon completion of the HERS re-test work. 
HERS Rating Re-test Policy
HERS CF-1R Documentation Processing
If your project needs immediate CF-1R HERS documentation for your local building department, we will assist with the online processing.
A 25% deposit is due at the time of CF-1R documentation processing. 
HERS Certificate Processing
Upon completion of your project's HERS testing, the data collected from the test will be submitted and processed online with CalCERTS. We pay for the online fees associated with the HERS certificates of compliance forms. Once the certificates are paid for, the forms can be signed electronically by the HERS Rater and the responsible person (contractor/homeowner). When the forms are signed by both parties, PDF files of the certificates of compliance forms will be issued via      e-mail, where the contractor/homeowner can download and print out for the local building enforcement agency. 
HERS Third Party Raters
Jones Energy Solutions is a third-party inspector that tests and verifies residential & non-residential projects according to the California Title-24 HERS regulations and standards. Our testing is completely objective, non-bias, and we have no involvement financially with the construction project or the improvements made. As certified and licensed California HERS Raters, we follow current Title-24 standards & procedures for HERS compliance testing. We are not obligated to any contractor, builder, installer, or entity to make adjustments to our testing protocols and procedures regardless of work installed and/or testing results reported.